Finding the Best Smartlock: Comparing Bitlock and Skylock

Riding a bike is great exercise and a wonderfully green way to commute to work. But when you park your bike, you want to make sure it will be there when you return. That is where the smartlock comes into play.

When you invest in a smartlock for your bike, you do not have to worry about losing your keys or making spare keys for friends and family members who share your ride. With the right smartlock, you can simply lock up your bike and go about your business, secure in the knowledge that your ride will still be there when it is time to go home

There are plenty of smartlocks on the market, but two of the most popular are the Bitlock and the Skylock. Here is a head-to-head comparison of both smartlocks, complete with a list of their unique features and relative benefits.


The Bitlock is the most popular smartlock on the market today, and for good reason. With its innovative features and exceptional durability, the Bitlock provides excellent value for the money.

The Bitlock allows avid cyclists to take their rides wherever they want with confidence, and when they're done, to lock their rides without keys. The keyless entry system means no more lost keys, making for an easier and safer ride.

See Bitlock in Action

Bitlock is the most popular smartlock on the market today

Why is Bitlock so popular?

The Bitlock also offers the ability to share access, something that many competing smartlocks lack. That means riders can share their bikes with friends and family members, without the hassle of expense of extra keys or the risk of lost keys.

Bitlock has a pricing around 140 Euro

Bitlock users can even use their smartlocks to track their cycling activity and monitor their fitness levels, from the number of calories burned on the ride to the length and duration of the trip.


The Skylock is another popular choice for bike owners, and it has plenty going for it. Chief among those benefits is the fact that the Skylock seamlessly connects to your smartphone, providing not only keyless entry but sharing capabilities, theft detection and a valuable crash alert system as well.

Skylock also offers a handy touch interface, so you can unlock your bike even if you forget your smartphone. The crash alert system is what truly sets the Skylock apart from the competition. Using its built-in accelerometer to monitor activity, the Skylock can detect all kinds of serious incidents, as well as theft and theft attempts. If your bike is moving and you are not aboard, Skylock lets you know, so you can notify the authorities and get your precious ride back.

Both the Bitlock and the Skylock have a lot to offer, and in the end you will need to decide which features and benefits are best for you. Keeping your ride safe does not have to be difficult or expensive, and the right smartlock can help you protect your ride in style.

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